Pastured Poultry

Whole Chickens- $4.75/lb. We expect our chickens to average around 3.5- 5lbs each.

Our pastured broilers start their life in a warm brooder and after 2-4 weeks, depending on the weather, graduate to pens without a floor that are moved one to two times daily to provide the best access to grass, weeds, bugs and fresh air. This method allows them to range freely in these moveable pens while being protected from potential predators. Since chickens require a higher protein diet they also eat a beyond organic, GMO-free grain ration that we source from a local Kansas farm.

According to the Rodale Institute, these are some of the benefits of pastured poultry:

“Pastured chickens offer many benefits to the sustainable  farm, supplying eggs and/or meat, enhancing soil fertility, and controlling weeds and insects. Advantages of raising poultry on pasture include:

Improved farm soil fertility and disease prevention. Poultry enhance soil fertility by working their manure into the soil, and they help manage crop pests by grazing on weeds and insects. Also, birds can be rotated into pasture following other livestock (such as cattle) to control fly and parasite problems.

Better health for the chickens and consumers who eat their products. Pastured birds eat grasses and legumes that contain Vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients that are known to reduce cholesterol. Pastured birds also have more access to adequate space, fresh air, sunshine, and exercise, and thus maintain better physical health than confined birds (pastured birds require no hormones or antibiotics unless faced with acute illness). With more exercise, birds maintain a lower fat content, which is healthier for the bird and the consumer.”

Most consumers do not realize that the meat they buy in the grocery store is not at all what they think it is. Even if your meat is labeled as “organic”, “free range”, or “natural”, it does not mean that the farming practices were at all sustainable or providing the chickens with the best possible environment and health. In order to label as free range they only need to have access to the outdoors for a few hours each day, which loosely means that they have a pen to go outside – probably on bare ground- not that they actually have access to fresh grass and pasture every day. We are seeking to go beyond the label of free range and produce a truly sustainable and healthy product for our family as well as yours. We believe in farmer transparency and integrity and seek to create relationships with our customers. We encourage all consumers to truly know where their food comes from by buying local and visiting your farmers to learn about their practices.

We invite you to invest into the health of your family, the sustainability of our community, and in the beginning of a local family business. If you have never tasted pastured chicken then you are in for a real treat!

We do not currently have the freezer facilities to hold your birds for extended periods of time so ideally you would pick them up as soon as possible after processing, but since we know that is not always convenient, we are able to have several planned drop locations for pickup. Currently we have enough customer interest to have planned drops in Garden City, Scott City, Hays, and Tribune. If you don’t live near those areas, please contact us as we would love to expand our customer base to include other drop locations!

Our Birds: The Freedom Ranger

Also known as the red ranger chicken. Since the 1960’s, French farmers have focused on raising a gourmet strand of bird that is suited well for foraging outdoors and developing excellent meat characteristics. While the Cornish Cross (the breed you will find in the grocery store) was selected over many years to be able to grow lots of juicy white meat, the Ranger chicken was designed to have a much more complex and firm meat. They take longer to grow out and this slower growth enhances the flavor and texture of the meat. The meat will be darker and slightly more firm with longer legs and less breast meat. Our birds will come to you as whole chickens. They make great roasted birds, or if you so choose, you can cut them up upon arrival at home or freeze for cutting up later as you need to do so. Parts of the chicken such as feet, livers, and hearts can be purchased separately, in limited quantity.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are more than happy to talk about our chickens.

Whole Chickens- $4.75/lb. We expect our chickens to average around 3.5- 5lbs each.